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Madison Dash

The 5th annual Madison Dash is Friday, August 28, 2020 at Madison High School in Rexburg.

Race Start Times (see maps of courses below)
3:15pm 3rd-4th Grade Boys & Girls 1 mile
3:30pm 5th-6th Grade Boys & Girls 1 mile
3:45pm Middle School/Jr High Girls 2500m
4:05pm Middle School/Jr High Boys 2500m
4:25pm Frosh/Soph Girls 2 miles
4:40pm Frosh/Soph Boys 2 miles
4:55pm Junior/Senior Girls 2 miles
5:10pm Junior/Senior Boys 2 miles

The races will start/finish on the field north of the high school. Restrooms will be available. Please bring your own water. Running flats or spikes may be used

Medals will be awarded to the top 10 finishers in each race as they cross the finish line.

Entries are now closed.

COVID-19 issues: To minimize health risks, we ask everyone to wear a face mask except for athletes while they are warming-up, competing, or cooling-down from their race.* Please strive to adhere to 6-foot social distancing guidelines, where possible. Teams will be assigned one or multiple starting boxes, if needed, for their team to use. 
*Exceptions for those with special needs as explained here.

Mad Dash 1 Mile Course Map
Mad Dash 2500m Course Map
Mad Dash 2 Mile Course Map